One of my favorite quotes is a simple one, but every time I read it, I get punched straight in the chest:

“Don’t Believe Everything You Think”

Because I have a tendency to. Believe everything I think. After all, I spend hours and hours each day with fictional people who wind up becoming very real to me, so why wouldn’t all my other thoughts be real as well? Makes sense, right? Well…only to a crazy person.

Maybe I am. Crazy, I mean. Or maybe I’m just a chronic dreamer and over-thinker who has the ability to make herself sick over the very real and not-so-real thoughts inside her head. That’s more likely it. All day long, my mind spins with questions like: Why do people hate each other? Why do marriages fail? Why do children get sick? Why do friendships fall apart? Why do loved ones get hurt? Why do hurt people hurt people? Why do children grow up? Why do families feud? Why do feelings fade? Why do some people lose? Why do others win? Why why why why?

It’s an endless battle. Often, a losing one. For me, at least.

But here’s a funny thing.

The Whys Have It is about grief. It’s about loss. But mainly, it’s about not asking why all the time…about letting life unfold and learning to take things as they come. It’s about not beating yourself up for every little mistake. It’s about acceptance and rising up after a hard fall. It’s about smiling through the tears and looking for the positive side. It’s about healing and forgiveness and seeing the best in all situations.

Ironic, considering I wrote it.

Time to turn the mirror on myself.

Things are changing here in my world. Big things. Little things. And lately I’ve asked myself Why more than anything else. I’ve shed more tears in the past couple of years than I’ve shed in a lifetime. I’ve grieved. I’ve lost. I’ve won, too. But through it all, I’ve asked Why entirely too much.

Time to turn the mirror on myself.

Time to stop asking Why so much. Time to start asking Why Not and What am I going to do about things now. Life is too short to over-analyze everything. Time is too precious to concern ourselves with things that don’t matter. Our days have too much potential to be good if we learn to stop giving so much attention to the bad.

Time to turn the mirror on myself.

Why? For a writer, it’s important to connect with the things you write about. To mean the things you say. To practice what you preach. To exemplify the things you believe in. And when it comes down to it…

That’s why.

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