A Few of My Favorite Things

Let’s just get this out of the way. My computer has a virus. Like, it shuts off every time I turn it on. Or tells me it’s “Not responding,” to my requests. And this is just so offensive to me. I mean, a lot of times when I call my children to dinner or demand for the thousandth time that they clean their rooms, they don’t respond either. But I never thought my computer would treat me this way, too. The thing can’t even listen. It doesn’t even have feelings. But somehow it’s learned how to totally ignore me. Almost as if my children have given it private lessons. And I’m hurt. And all this cold-shouldering has made blogging and Justin Bieber Googling very difficult this week. (For the record, I would have totally punched that paparazzi dude in the face, too. Go Biebs.)

Anyway, this computerless existence is not one of my favorite things. You can bet your bottom dollar on that.

But I do have a list of things I love. Like Milk Duds. And movies. And mindless, trashy television (okay, that last one is a bit of an exaggeration. I only like the plain old trashy shows). So, keeping in mind the whole “favorites” thing, I thought I’d share a few of mine with you. Feel free to print this post and carry it with you as a sort of guide to living life the way God intended. Or not. Whichever.

Amy’s Favorite Things (Part One):

1. The “Annie” soundtrack, circa 1982. I wanted to be this girl—an orphan with wild, red hair who wore a teensy red dress, shiny black tap shoes, and had a turban-wearing snake charmer as an ally. As a kid, I often practiced the whole song-and-dance routine in the privacy of my bedroom. Or in the middle of parent’s dinner parties. Either worked nicely. Even now, I sing Tomorrow probably at least once a week. Like, when my youngest kids ask, “When do I have to take a bath?” I sometimes answer, “Tomorrow, tomorrow…” Or when my older kids say something like, “This day totally sucked,” I might sing, “The sun’ll come out, tomorrow…” They hate it. So of course I belt it out even louder.

2. Seashells, all kinds. Maybe this makes me a nerd. Maybe slightly obsessive. But on a visit to the beach—if someone were to (weirdly) make me decide between laying out or riding the waves or building a sand castle or most anything else that comes with the sand and surf—I would always choose to hunt for seashells. Whole ones. Broken ones. The ones with little holes on the top that are perfect for making necklaces (I tell myself this every time—“I’m gonna go home and make myself a necklace,” and I gather up dozens of them for that purpose. Now ask me how many I’ve actually made). But it doesn’t matter. I could walk—and have walked—for miles doing nothing but searching for a seashell I don’t already have. And I bring them home. And some I keep, and some I throw away. But it isn’t the collection that matters. It’s the search. And I’ll do it all over again next time I go.

3. Sonic Diet Cokes. It’s the ice. Of course it’s the ice. Or the secret drugs I’m pretty sure they inject into those things. ‘Cause why else are they so addictive? If anyone has an explanation, lemme know.

4. Painted toenails. Because they’re pretty. Because they signify the beginning of summer and flip-flops and the end of ugly winter feet. Because I like a nice pedicure—the whole I-read-a-book-while-someone-shoves-my-feet-into-hot-bubbly-water thing. (But on the flip side, I hate painted fingernails on me. Paint my nails, and within an hour I’ll have it all peeled off. It’s that whole nerd thing coming out again).

5. Candles. The kind that smell up my whole house. Specifically Bath and Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin or Island Margarita, depending on the season. Candles are a favorite for two reasons. One, because I like the fresh, clean smell they add to my house. Two, because they mask the smells in my house when it isn’t all that fresh and clean. So it’s a win-win either way you look at it.

6. Paint. Specifically, new paint on my bedroom walls. And my living room walls. And my back patio. I love the way it completely transforms something old into something brand new again, without the need to spend a bunch of money to do it. And this summer I plan on tackling all of it.

7. Born and Raised—John Mayer’s new album. It only came out last week, but since all his others have become instant favorites of mine, this one goes without saying. The guy can sing. Even better, the guy can write. Listen to it and find out for yourself. Specifically to the songs “The Age of Worry,” and “Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967.” Not sure if Mr. Grace is a real person or not, but I sure would like to meet him. And Mr. Mayer’s voice—let’s just say that if I could look for seashells while he walked along beside me singing every song he’s ever written (just singing, nothing weird), it might just be the most perfect day. Definitely a favorite one.

That’s it for now. I’ve got lots more favorites, so I think next time we’ll talk books. And maybe the time after that we’ll talk candy. But that post might stretch over two or three, so maybe I should just avoid the subject all together. I’d hate to be indirectly responsible for anyone’s future cavities.

Gotta run. Gotta go Google more Bieber stuff. I hear he and Selena might have broken up. Or maybe I’m just starting a rumor.

Have a great week!


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  1. Love your favorites list! I especially like the painted toe nails – I just had my first summer pedicure (and probably my last summer pedicure) last week. I TOTALLY agree about the painted finger nails – I’ve never liked painting my finger nails – I end up peeling all the paint off too. The worst was when I had fake nails put on for my brother’s wedding in 2000 – the following Monday I sat in my college history class peeling off the fake nails and taking a layer of the real ones off with it. Ugh.

  2. I'm Amy

    I’m starting to think we were seperated at birth. I had fake nails put on for Prom, and by the end of the night only half were still attached! The refined gene that most women have totally skipped me.

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