A Little Bit of Nothing

This morning (I’m typing this on Monday) I woke up feeling full of life and light, a big smile on my face, ready to tackle the day and all the promises it held (unusual for me—normally I want to shove mornings into a pit of fiery embers because mornings are evil, especially before my third cup of coffee). Now, thanks to a twenty-five degree drop in temperatures and a flippin’ north wind that brought drizzle along with the arctic freeze, I’m sneezing my brains out. Literally. I’ve whipped my head back and forth on a sneeze so much, I can barely think anymore. It’s been that way most of the afternoon. How is it possible to wake up feeling super, and then two hours later want to cut off my own nose to avoid having to blow it, wipe it, or spray stuff up it? Again.

I totally should have stayed in bed. Stupid sunrise. Stupid chirping birds. Stupid positive outlook.

Anyway, on to happier things.

Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough broke up, and right AFTER he bought her $100,000 in jewelry. This is wrong on so many levels, because even though I never believed their relationship was anything more than a publicity stunt on both their parts (have you noticed that Ryan Seacrest is prettier than Julianne Hough? Considering she is darn near perfect-looking and can do a very impressive tango, it’s nearly impossible for him to be the better looking of the two. For that reason alone, I would’ve broken up with him years ago No woman needs that kind of stress) you should not take all that jewelry and run from your guy. It’s tacky. Thoughtless. The exact reason my husband hasn’t bought me $100,000 in jewelry. The EXACT reason.

It’s supposed to snow here in a couple days. Now, I’m a snow-loving girl, one who has been devastated by our lack of winter precip for the last 2 seasons, one who is beginning to doubt my brand new sled that I bought in 2010 and still haven’t used is ever going to be used. It breaks my heart. My sled didn’t do anything to deserve this kind of neglect…this kind of shunning. But. It’s Spring Break, people! Snow on Spring Break is on par with ice cream left on a Maui sidewalk. It doesn’t work. They don’t go together. If it snows, can someone please make it melt fast so I can get to work on my tan? It’s Spring Break! There should be sun! Swimming pools! Not swim suits because I’m way too white, but there should be no snow!

Have y’all watched Prison Break? I realize this show is on the oldish side—I think the finale aired in 2010—but this show is crazy addictive. I haven’t liked a show this much since 24 went off the air. And for me—a die-hard 24 fan—that’s saying a lot. Michael Schofield is definitely giving Jack Bauer a run for his money. If you haven’t tuned in via Netflix, you ought to.

Well, I’ve sneezed through this entire post and can barely see anymore, so it’s time to call it quits. Plus, in case I didn’t mention it, it’s Spring Break. Which means no showers, no getting dressed, no eating healthy, and definitely no thinking. Seeing might be nice, but I guess you can’t have it all…

Happy Monday!


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