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If I could point to just one person in the last year who has had the most impact on my writing career (besides my agent), it would be my friend Nicole. She’s about a year ahead of me on the publishing road, and she’s patiently answer the exactly one million questions I’ve tossed at her since we met a short five months ago. I’m not even sure how this is possible–I feel like I’ve known her forever. Anyway, I asked Nicole to answer a few thought-provoking questions from me, and she did.  I’m excited for everyone to get to know her. (For those of y’all who need instructions, my questions are in bold. Her answers are not).

If you could name just one, which author would you say inspired your writing career? If I could live inside the talented mind of Taherah Mafi (author of the Shatter Me series) for just one day…I’d be the happiest writer on Earth! She is truly my favorite author of all time, and my biggest inspiration in craft. Love her!

What is the best book you’ve read this year? I read a lot. A whole lot. So this question is like asking me what my favorite breath of the day was. If I had to choose one book it would be Unravel Me by Taherah Mafi. Hands down. But seeing as I already exposed my obsession for her writing earlier, a close second would be Just Between You and Me by Jenny B. jones. I loved that book!

Do you have a writing goal for each day, or do you just write when you can?  I try to write everyday, but sometimes being an author means having to delve into the “other” parts of my craft that I don’t enjoy quite so much. Ahem, editing.

What is your daily routine? Ha! Routine? I’m still trying to get one of those. It’s on my resolution list for 2014.

If we could stand outside your door, what would we overhear inside your house? Music. (I love my Pandora stations.) And the loud squawks of my two boys running around and tackling each other.

Do you prefer physical books or an e-reader? I am a Kindle junkie! I love the convenience, cost, loan-ability, and storage! I think I would sell a child before getting rid of my Kindle. (Not really–well, depends on the day.)

What five items are on your desk at all times? Water bottle, protein bar wrapper, The Emotions Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman, funny pictures of my family, and sticky notes.

Plotter or seat-of-pantser? I’m a pantser with plotter-envy.

At a restaurant, do you go with the appetizer, dessert, or both? Dessert!  (this is why we’re friends)

Favorite movie? Pride and Prejudice starring Keira Knightley. Best. Movie. Ever.

Favorite place to hide from the children in your house (I know you do this). Bathtub. With my kindle.

Fruit pies or chocolate? Is this a real question? Chocolate! (again, besties)

Thanks for stopping by, Nicole! And for anyone who’s reading this, be sure to buy her book, All Who Dream. I’ve read it–you won’t regret the decision!

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