It’s early Friday morning, I just woke up, my heart is a bit heavier than usual, and so here I am. I have some things to share on this weekend before book launch day. So I’m going to get those things down on paper here, and then I’m going to (try to) brighten my mood. 

I’ve received a few messages recently from people going through hard things in their lives. I’ve had conversations with friends and one stranger going through hard things at home. One friend in particular said something to me that I haven’t been able to shake. And all of it is weighing so heavy on my heart right now. So here’s what I have to say.

Millsap is my maiden name, and I’m not going to lie–right now it kinda sucks to be a Millsap girl. I have two sisters, and then there’s me, and currently life isn’t real fun for any of us. I won’t go into detail because the details belong to us, but this is what I want everyone to know. 

You are not alone in your struggle. You are not a reflection of what you’re going through. You are not responsible for other people’s treatment of you. Your worth does not diminish because of someone’s inability to acknowledge it. Your worth is your worth, and you are worth everything.

Rough times happen to all of us: to the girl on the front row in church singing her heart out, smiling on the outside but weeping on the inside. To the coach’s wife cheering from the sidelines, screaming her heart out but crumbling in private. To the writer pouring her life out in words, smiling on the outside while trying to hold all the pieces of her life together. And to the parents listening to it all on a never-ending stream, unsure about what to do. That is my family, this is us.

Why am I telling you this?

Because it seems we’re all so caught up—myself included—in keeping a perfect picture going for the masses. In spending so much time claiming to have the “BEST LIFE, BEST FRIENDS, BEST JOB!” that it can sometimes all be so counterproductive. Sometimes we get lost in the image. Sometimes we lost in the job. Sometimes we get exhausted with trying to keep up. And sometimes we just want someone to care.

So just know that I care. And I relate.  

I’m hurting. My family is hurting. You’re probably hurting right now. 

And that’s okay. 

The hurt makes us human. The hurt won’t last forever. I firmly believe that.

So fight. Find something to smile about every day. Find a friend you trust and talk about it. See a counselor—I have, and there’s good in that. Let someone else help carry your burdens, because sometimes unloading just a little a bit of it makes everything feels so much easier. And above all, do not give up.

Do. Not. Give. Up.

Pain doesn’t last forever. The sun always shines after a storm. And good days are always ahead of you.

Cling to that. Know the truth of it. Because it is true. 

And above all, be you, flaws and all. Personally, I’m a big fan of flaws. Perfection is boring. It makes for very stale book characters. 

And very stale people, as well. Shine on friends. And keep your head up.

Also next Tuesday, buy my new book. 😉

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