Family Time

My weekend was crazy-busy, what with all the sitting and the napping and the eating and the lounging and the baking and the eating…. Seriously, I’m exhausted just typing this. Especially when I know that come tomorrow morning I’ll actually have to get up and move around, and I’m kinda worried that my legs won’t work well for the first hour or so.

And it would be soooo embarrassing if I fell flat onto the tile floor on my way into the school. I mean, once can be forgiven. But twice? It just cannot happen. Not again.

But the best part of the weekend (I mean, besides the seriously good Oreo Balls and the totally awesome toffee and the rapidly eaten Sausage Balls), was the time spent with my family. It was the first time in two weeks that we were all under one roof at the same moment.

And fourteen days without coming together is about thirteen days too long.

So we sat together. Baked together. Played board games together (though I usually find a way to opt out of these rather quickly—oh look, a dirty sock! I must wash it now!—that one works nicely). We watched movies together. Read books together. Ate together. That one seemed to be the hands-down favorite. And to wrap up the weekend, we went to church together. And later that night, we prayed together.

At which point my older son managed to work the word “sucks” into his heart-to-heart with Jesus. But he was sincere. And I don’t think the Lord was offended. At least I hope not.

Anyway, overall the weekend was fantastic. One I wish I could repeat. Like, every day forever and ever. Because fighting was kept to a minimum…togetherness was the theme.

In short, I loved every part of it.

Every single part.

With one exception. By dinnertime Sunday night, my younger son had made up a song and had been singing it in the kitchen for nearly a half-hour. The lyrics are as follows: “I don’t want potatoes with my chili.”

Repeat. And repeat. And repeat.

By cleanup, we had one potato left. And I seriously wanted to pummel him with it.

I guess it can’t all be moonlight and snowflakes.


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