Happy 2015!!

Can you believe it’s been fifteen years since we were all freaking out about Y2K? Or, as I was way back then, saving my freak out until around 6pm on December 30 when I noticed only 4 gallons of water left on the shelves of my local Wal-Mart. So I grabbed them. And then thought maybe I should buy some beans. Bread? Firewood? That was the extent of my freak-out, thank goodness. But I can’t believe it’s been so long ago.

And for those of you reading who are under 18 years of age. See, there was once this thing called Y2K…

Never mind. It’s all too ridiculous to even begin to describe.


Happy 2015!

And with a new year comes a new book! (or 5, as I’ve somehow managed to commit myself to this year. Which means I should be committed. To a mental facility. But whatever).

A new book!

My friend Nicole Deese and I began this project as a way to have a little fun. To challenge ourselves away from the usual. And then we began to think maybe the story was actually sorta good. Publishable, even. That’s your call, I guess. But we like it. We hope you will too! It’s up for pre-order now, and out on Valentine’s Day!

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