I’m Bored Again

Didn’t get too creative with this title, because it’s exactly how I feel. I’m bored. Although lately, life has been so crazy that boredom is probably a good thing. So I’m working on trying to enjoy the downtime…

I saw Anna Karenina yesterday. I am a HUGE fan of old-timeish movies—Pride and Prejudice (both the older long version and the newer short one), Little Women, Emma, Jane Eyre, even the more modern Atonement that came out a few years ago. So from the first preview, I couldn’t wait to see this movie. So when the movie listings came out on Friday, it was with great despair that I discovered it was only being released in select cities…and mine wasn’t one of them.

But joy!

We were heading out of town Saturday morning, and—miracle of all miracles!—the town we were traveling to was one of the select cities. I was so happy, it was almost like my first Christmas wish had come true!

Five minutes into it, I figured out that my Christmas wish totally sucked. I tried to change my mind and wish for a new car, but it turns out you only get one first Christmas wish…

Anyway, this movie will not rank as an instant classic. Unless you like your classics boring, choppy, depressing, and weird. Frankly, I don’t.

And speaking of movies, I’m so excited about Tori Spelling’s new Christmas one on ABC Family next week. You know, the one where she sings and dances and pretends to be Madonna in the Material Girl video and does a bunch of other stuff that seems just totally believable and real. I just love it when actors play roles so close to their true personalities…

We’ve watched back to back to back episodes of The Grinch, The Santa Clause, and Elf this weekend, because our out-of-town place has cable and our actual home doesn’t. Currently rethinking the no-cable-at-home thing. Seems kinda like a sin to miss all these Christmas movies, and the only way I can think to repent is to call Direct TV in the morning…

I finished the book I’ve been writing for the last four-ish or so months. I like it. Mostly. Except it’s a mess. Such a big mess that it might take me another four months to clean it up. If you see me around town and I’m—say—crying or glassy-eyed or sleep-deprived or appear drunk (which I will NOT be, but might be suffering from Benadryl/caffeine overload), just pat me on the head and walk on by. But first hand me more coffee. Preferably a latte. Extra whipped cream.

And speaking of books, I’m currently plotting my new one. Really excited about the subject matter, but as always, I can’t start writing until my characters have names. Haven’t decided on my main girl’s, but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna call the guy Adam. Totally random. Pulled it out of a hat. Any similarities to actual persons living or dead is completely coincidental.


And that’s about it. Short blog today, but I’ve got presents to wrap. Laundry to fold. A house to clean. A nap to take. Because, really, my boring life is totally putting me to sleep.

Happy Monday!


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