I’m Thankful

Yeah, yeah, Thanksgiving was three days ago, but “better late than never” is a mantra I live by. Like, literally, because I am always…late. For everything.

So, in honor of Thanksgiving, here are a few things I’m thankful for:

1. My extended family, because they love me (so they say). And because they let me hang out at their houses, babysit my kids, and claim me as one of their own.
2. My husband and kids, for making life fun and for being so supportive. Except when it’s time to decorate for Christmas. At that point, I’m always totally on my own.
3. My friends, because they call me when I’m driving home from a long road trip just to see if I’m safe. Or, more likely, because they know I am directionally challenged and may wind up—not back home in Arkansas—but in Mississippi or Idaho. Either way, they’re awesome.
4. The Mentalist, for giving me Patrick Jane (in the form of Simon Baker) every Thursday night. I’m not sure how he makes it through life with such unfortunate features.
5. Our local Wal-Mart and Target. Because I just spent Black Friday at the Chicago versions of both stores. It’s a scary world out there, y’all. And the workers at those places yell at you just for touching a package of sheets.
6. Cracker Barrel, for serving a halfway decent Thanksgiving dinner. Hey—when twenty people are involved, sometimes you have to compromise. Plus, they have a store with toys like flying pigs and frisbee-sized checkers to keep kids occupied.
7. Yoga pants—the ultimate travel and Thanksgiving accessory. Pair ‘em with a sweatshirt or a silk shirt and they’re totally versatile. (Is this tacky?)
8. Milk Duds—my secret crush. I will love them forever, even if they pull my teeth out one by one.
9. Coffee, for obvious reasons.
10. Candles that smell like food. Because no matter the situation, they make your house smell great—even if you haven’t cleaned in two weeks.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!


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  1. Ann

    Thank you Amy for always making me smile. You must have missed the local bomb scare and Walmart evacuation – though probably not as scary as getting yelled at for touching a pair of sheets.

    And hey, I’m with ya on the yoga pants – so versatile.

  2. I'm Amy

    What??? Gone five days and the WM world falls apart! So sad I missed it. Seriously.

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