It’s A New Year, Folks

Happy New Year for real this time!!

So I know last time I said I’d be back in three days, but the clutches of Christmas Break with its Super Lazy Days snatched me in its intoxicating grasp and just wouldn’t let go. Plus, I took a lot of naps. Plus, plus, I ate a lot of food. Food that made me tired, hence the naps. Plus, plus, plus, I painted my son’s room and paid for it for three days afterward. Which also made me tired, hence the more naps. And contrary to popular belief, splatter-painting is not a neat venture. Even with plastic covering the floor, doors, and windows, my son now has blue spots in randomly-placed areas all over his bedroom floor. His carpeted floor. Someday when we sell the house, it’s gonna take a lot of work to convince potential buyers that the carpet is supposed to look like that. Consequently, we will not be moving his furniture at all for the rest of the time we live here. Not an inch.

It’s the price of art, I suppose. And my inability paint worth a crap.

Anyway, last time—if I remember right, it was so long ago—I said we were gonna keep talking about my favorites from 2012. So that’s what we’re gonna do, before I can no longer remember them. Because my mind is a terrible thing. It’s like a trap door. Things empty from it quickly with the pull of a lever. It’s my sad, sad reality.

So here goes.

Amy Favorites From 2012, Before She Forgets Them (Part 2):

Oh, OH—first I need to make a tiny, little amendment to my last list. The book list. So…I listed three books by Colleen Hoover—Slammed, Point of Retreat, and her newest…Hopeless. I must come clean on this one. When I made the recommendation for Hopeless, I had made it through the first, oh, 60 percent of the novel (I read it on Kindle). This book was very well written. This book was very engaging. This book held my attention the whole way through. But. BUT. At around 75 percent, this book took a very dark turn. A turn that—looking back—I should have seen coming. But I didn’t. And frankly, because of the subject matter, the rest of the book was hard to read. I won’t go into details, but by the end, I honestly wasn’t sure how I felt about it. I was disturbed. I was heartsick. I was bothered. I was…mostly still glad I read it. I think. But I just needed to make that little disclaimer for anyone thinking about opening its pages. Or, more accurately, downloading it to their reading device. Because I’m pretty sure it’s only available on eBook. But even if you don’t read it, download the other two. The stories are totally worth it.

So. Moving on.

Amy’s Favorites List for the second time blah, blah blah…:

TV Shows:
1. Downton Abbey. Have y’all watched this yet? If not—come on, people—get with it. This show is awesome. This show is addictive. This show is nothing more than a glorified soap opera, but everyone has the most elegant British accents, which makes it easy to convince yourself that you’re really watching a Jane Austin masterpiece on the small screen. At least that’s what I tell myself every week. But if it’s wrong, I don’t wanna be right.
2. Lost. Okay, I realize the maiden voyage sailed on this show, like, eight years ago. I also realize that the finale took place in 2010. But thanks to the divinely-inspired miracle of Netflix (what did we do before we had this handy network at our fingertips??), I’m now a devoted fan. But if Jack doesn’t wind up with Kate, I’m also gonna be a ticked-off one.
3. The Voice. Of course, The Voice. For three obvious reasons: Adam Levine. Adam Levine. And Adam Levine. From the very first time I turned on this show, he totally had me at hello. Plus, I like his ripped-up t-shirts.
4. Touch. Pretty cool concept—a 12-year-old boy who can’t speak and sees the future whose dad is Jack Bauer—and it hooked me early on. I wonder how much money that kid pulls in without having to memorize a single line? Wish I had that job.
5. The Bachelorette. With my head held in shame, I’ll admit that I liked it. I haven’t watched a bachelor-type show since Trista dated Ryan (the only time this dumb show has actually worked, by the way), but I’ve got to admit…this season hooked me. And I loved Jef. And I could tolerate Emily. But now, a few months later, turns out they’re both weird. Imagine that.

Other than Maroon 5, I often found myself singing along to (in no particular order): John Mayer (obvious), Taylor Swift (also obvious, also somewhat annoying. People seriously need to quit dating her), Ry Cumming, The Band Perry, The Avett Brothers, One Direction (what?? They’re catchy!), Justin Bieber ( don’t judge me), Mumford & Sons, and Little Big Town.

Preferably none. But I have a cat and a cute new Cocker Spaniel. I already love her, already consider her a part of the family. But if she doesn’t quit biting my ankles and pooping in the house…

I could go on, continue to mention things like food (Milk Duds), drinks (Margar—er…water), laundry soap (Purex), vacation spot (anywhere that I’m alone, including the bathroom), but you’d get bored and I’d embarrassingly start to list things like underwear (some brand they sell at Kohl’s) and feminine products (I’ll never tell).

Anyway, Christmas break ends tomorrow, people, and then we’re back to school. Typing that sentence is painful…the reality of it pure torture. And really, there’s only one way to cope: I think I’ll take a nap. Because my fingers have worked furiously to type this blog, and all the exercise has made me so, so tired.

Happy Monday!


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