It’s My Birthday!!! (Plus a couple other things, too)

So…what’s up in your life? Not much happening here, except it’s, like, my birthday. My 29th birthday. Again. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve actually celebrated this particular age, but hey—it’s my life. I plan on being 29 forever, even when I’m eighty and—with the help of Botox and plastic surgery and whatever else they invent by then—I’ll miraculously barely pass for forty. A girl can dream, right? I just have to somehow get over my fear of knives by then…

Anyway, speaking of dreams, IT’S BOOK LAUNCH DAY!



The Wedding Game book by Amy Matayo

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And that’s the best I can do to communicate my excitement about this day, but I am. Excited, I mean. SUPER excited! It’s been a long process. A long, long process. But we’re finally here, and I’m so happy. There’s not much better in life than seeing one of your greatest dreams come true. Except maybe a clearance sale on Halloween candy, particularly when you find a bag of full-size Snickers bars in the mix. But anyhoo, this day is awesome. Thank you all for celebrating with me.

Finally, check out this book trailer that my author friend Amy Lillard made. It’s so cool! Seriously, everyone should have a friend like her! You know, the kind of friend who knows how to work a computer… (Thanks Amy!)


Happy Book Release Saturday!

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  1. Gabrielle Meyer

    Congratulations on the release of your debut novel, Amy!!! So proud of you. Praying God blesses the work if you heart.

    1. Amy Matayo

      Thank you so much, Gabrielle! It’s been fun so far! Thank you for always being so encouraging. 🙂

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