Making A List, And Checking It Twice

I saw the movie New Year’s Eve this weekend, and all I can say about this is that I am currently working on a bucket list, and if any of y’all have Zac Efron’s address or cell number, I’d be much obliged if you would inbox me with the info. I’d like to hire him for the day. Nothing weird…I just want him to lead me through the streets of Springdale while the two of us together—come rain or shine or a serious bout of Chicken Smell so common in my hometown—check off every item on my list.

Which begs a question.

Why is my bucket list taking place in Springdale when I could be in New York, or London, or Paris, or…Tulsa? But then…whatever. It’s my hometown. And it’s pretty. And I love it. And I’m paying Zac Efron.

And that boy is a cutie.

Which leads me to another question (hence the point of this blog post). If I had a bucket list, what would be on it? I pondered this for awhile (about ten minutes), and after much thought and consideration and Milk Dud consumption, this is what I came up with.

**Disclaimer: this list is a work in progress and is not necessarily a list of goals for the rest of my life. Some only cover the next two weeks. Therefore, things may be added, changed, or deleted altogether before the final draft is made public. **

1. Get Zac Efron’s phone number.
2. If that fails, get Josh Duhamel’s/John Bon Jovi’s phone number. (Have you guys SEEN this movie?? Cute men abound.)
3. Pray my husband gets my stupid sense of humor when he reads this list.
4. Walk through my neighborhood in the rain, and NOT wind up with wildly curly Eunice hair (remember her from Mama’s Family? Awful. Hair. Like mine on a humid day) as a result.
5. Buy a really good Chi, so I can drop-kick my crappy Wal-Mart straightener into the trash can.
6. Buy a convertible. But not until my mid-life crisis. Which won’t be for another ten years or so, because I am NOT in mid-life right now, no matter what my kids say.
7. Get published before I’m seventy. Or, if one day I turn sixty-nine and I’m still unpublished…before I’m eighty.
8. Finish my current book. Which was supposed to be completed within the month of November. But since I’m now only 19,000 words into it, will now (hopefully) be completed sometime before Spring Break.
9. Finish Christmas shopping before 5 a.m. Christmas morning. I wonder if offers one-hour shipping?
10. Wrap Christmas gifts before 6 a.m. Christmas morning. If right now is any indication, the odds ain’t looking too pretty.
11. Bake cookies that make it into the oven before batter is consumed. This is a tough one, because raw dough is so much better than the crunchy baked stuff.
12. Take down my Christmas tree—and all other festive decorations—before summer (this goal may or may not have been met last year).
13. Go sledding. Because it’s Christmas Break, and snow just has to come or I might cry. And I have multiples of two types of sleds—the hard plastic kind and the blow-up-inner tube kind—waiting patiently to be used.
14. Get a massage. To recover from my likely sledding accident.
15. Lie on that massage table, drifting in and out of sleep, while someone- who-shall-remain-nameless plays the guitar and sings a soft rendition of “We’re All In This Together” from his spot in the other room.

Hey—this is my pretend list. And I did hire the guy.

What’s on your list?


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