My Summer

As I type this, we’re on our last three days of summer in the great state of Arkansas. This is so sad on many, many levels, because I love summer. Not the heat—hate that part, even though this summer has been incredibly weird what with all the rain and sub-zero temps (practically—75 degrees counts as frigid)—but I love the pace. The pace that translates into “Lay around, watch TV, eat ice cream, and shower only occasionally.” Which is exactly what I’ve done for three months now.

Here’s just an example of the laziness that’s occurred around here.

We went bowling. Or the kids did with friends. I sat at a table and took pictures.

I wore hats to camouflage dirty hair. This was a frequent look.

We visited theme parks in the rain. Because nothing gets between me and funnel cake, not even lightning and thunder.

I discovered this. Pretty much God’s Ice Cream Masterpiece.

Me, my sisters, our parents, and all the nieces and nephews had a rendezvous at the beach. Here are the cousins on Independence Day.

This is what my hair looks like at the beach. This is why I will always live in Arkansas.

We saw him. (For those of you not familiar with the Rock Star world, that would be John Mayer)

I made this, which turned out to be a half-way decent baked oatmeal. I hate oatmeal, so this was an especially good find.

We did more, but I didn’t think anyone would be interested in the pictures of us lying on the sofa watching a Vampire Diaries marathon. I’ll save those for next time. But for now, summer’s almost over. School starts Monday. We’re running out of days. So it’s time for me and my family to get busy.

I just need to locate the remote…

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