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So I started writing this book forever ago. Like, sometime in the middle of 2014. It was one of those books that was easy to write–I knew the characters, I felt the characters, I became the characters–but I had to keep setting it aside to work on other projects. I was contracted on a different book, I joined with three friends and wrote one with them, I generally just kept getting distracted. So many things, but I loved the story. So in between projects, I picked it back up, slipped right back into the story, and kept going. This book is a little different from the other books I’ve written in that the subject matter is a little darker, a little deeper. Then again, during the time it was written, my brain was a little darker and deeper as well. Still is to a point, so maybe a similar book will come from it in the future. You never know.

This book releases in twelve days. It’s been a labor of love and pain in many ways, but it’s my favorite novel I’ve written so far. I hope you like it. Happy reading.

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“Gut-wrenching and powerful, Amy Matayo’s The End of the World will shatter your heart for a time before piecing it back together, slowly, unexpectedly, yet not unaltered. Cameron and Shaye have taken possession of a corner of my heart and are not letting go ~ the characters, prose, story arc, and setting are equally evocative and compelling. In the midst of unthinkable darkness, an unexpected and unlikely friendship offers slivers of hope and healing to these teens, but their broken souls find fear and shame impossible to shake as they journey into adulthood. Alternating first person prose between Cameron and Shaye, Amy gives voice to both her leading characters revealing a clear talent for this kind of storytelling. Be warned, this beautifully rendered tale delves into pain, heartache, and unimaginable loss some may seek to avoid, but it is the struggle for courage, connection, love, and the hope of redemption that will pierce your heart and mind. I cannot recommend The End of the World highly enough.”

Rel Mollet/Relz Reviews


“The powerful journey of finding your soulmate in the dark…and loving them enough to lead them into the light.”

Nicole Deese, author of the Letting Go series and the Love in Lenox series.

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