Pass The Salsa

“It is always better to give than to receive…depending on who is doing the gift buying.”

I’m not entirely sure this is the exact quote, but whatever. Let me explain.

So recently my youngest son came into some money. Not a lot—maybe ten bucks or so—but pretty much a small fortune from his nine-year-old perspective. And because we have done such an impressive job teaching our children about the value of saving and letting money grow over time, he walked into the kitchen with money in hand. Acting like it would explode on the spot, effectively scarring him for life if he didn’t spend it right then. And this conversation followed:

Him: “Can you take me to the grocery store?” (his love of candy bars is an absolute mystery)
Me: “Not yet. I’m covered in paint.”
“But I need to go now.”
“But I can’t take you now.”
“But I’ve got to go now.”
“Do you SEE this paint all over me?” (by now, I’m losing my cool)
“Please, Mom!” (And…he is too.)
Me: (Sighs. Tries not to chuck paint brush at small boy’s head) “Call Memaw. See if she’ll take you.”

So my mother—being the awesome grandma she is, and also being unaware that I am totally using her to get out of grocery-store-going—picked him up and took him shopping. About thirty minutes later they came home with bags in hand. My son hid his purchases behind his back. My mom hid her laughter behind her hand. Slowly he pulled out the merchandise.

He’d bought gifts for all of us. It goes without saying I teared up thinking of this sweet boy and his big ol’ heart.

And then he began handing the gifts out.

For his dad: A Cadbury egg
For his older brother: a package of Lindt truffles
For his older sister: A pack of gum
For his little sister: A balloon on a stick
And for me…

A pound of ground beef.

Taco’s anyone?

Happy Monday!


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