Random Thoughts (the only kind I have)

Here’s a little of what I’ve been thinking about this week…

A satellite fell from the sky last weekend. I was out of town so I never actually heard where it landed, but I didn’t receive the dreaded “we have a large metal glowy thingy on top of our house” phone call from my husband, so by Sunday I was breathing a little easier.

I attended a writer’s conference last week. There I was, surrounded by 750 men, women, and a few (older) children who sit at their computers all day and have make-believe conversations in their heads with people who don’t exist. Like I do. What could be better? A Starbucks right underneath us in the lobby of the hotel, that’s what. You’ll never get me to admit how much I spent on coffee. Never.

I can’t wait for The Voice to return to TV, but I wish they would add John Mayer to the cast. Imagine he and Adam Levine on the same show. They could sit next to each other and swap one-liners. They could sing a duet. One could play guitar, the other could sing, and then they could switch places. Together they would make the world’s perfect act, and I would be so happy. And if they cared about me at all, they would know this already. Read your fan mail, guys.

The price of peanut butter is on the rise, which totally ticks me off. Some of us around here eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And inside our M & M’s. Sure, the economy is bad, but this news is what keeps me awake at night.

Weasel Balls–the kind from Cracker Barrel–can make you want to punch yourself. Especially when they’re stuck against the wall. Though watching your cat sneak up behind them and pounce for the kill can be quite entertaining.

The Office–so far I’m not digging it this season. They need Michael. Or a Michael clone. Or maybe Ashton Kutcher could switch shows since Two and a Half Men is also faltering (or so I’ve heard via the news. The news called TMZ). Someone fix this, please.

Pumpkin pie–I made one today, and I used real pumpkins. Martha Stewart has nothing on me. Except her own show. And a bazillion dollars. But whatever, I made a pie. Take that, Martha.

So that wraps it up. If you want to, tell me what’s on your mind. But share it through Facebook, please, since I still haven’t figured out what an RSS is. Or how add one to my blog. Technology and me…it’s a love-hate relationship.

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