So I needed to write a blog, and I’ve known this for days. About eleven of them. But I’ve been busy doing stuff. Lots of stuff. So much stuff I can barely remember it, what with all the craziness that has been my life lately and—

Wait! I remember!

I bought some new salted ice cream from the Schwan’s man last Thursday night, and I think I’m about halfway through the container at this point. That’s a lot of ice cream eating for one girl, especially one who really isn’t supposed to be eating ice cream in the first place because of things that happen that will remain undescriptive to protect the innocence of those involved. Anyway, it’s almost like a workout of sorts. A test of my endurance, if you will. We’ll go with that.

And then I sold a bunch of furniture in my house that was taking up too much room. Like a sofa I no longer needed and a bed my son no longer wanted and some tables that no longer worked all that well. So we’re sitting on the floor and my kid is sleeping on the floor and we’re eating off the floor. It’s not all that practical, but I sometimes consider myself to be one with nature and I live in a constant state of suppressed hippie-hood so it’s nice to finally get to express this side of myself. (The last two sentences were a joke. Except for the hippie part. Totes true).

We bought new furniture.


And then I saw a movie. Two of them. First I saw American Hustle, which was good in a Silver Linings Playbook sort of way—not surprising since it starred the exact same people. And then I saw Jack Ryan, which also rocked in part but not totally because of the hotness of Chris Pine. Oh who are we kidding? Totally because of the hotness of Chris Pine. I’ve loved him since This Means War and he is the person solely responsible for my over-the-top enjoyment of Star Trek versions one and two. Because really, who cares about Star Trek? Not me. Unless you stick Chris Pine in the lead role. Then I’m in line for popcorn and sitting the middle of the theater twenty minutes before show time. (Also a joke. I’m never anywhere early).

Speaking of being early, did anyone watch the Grammys last night? This has nothing to do with being early except for the fact that I tuned in late after Taylor Swift performed her song. Sad because I’m told she did some epic hair flips and I haven’t seen those surface from her in a while. Not since I took my daughter to her concert a couple of years ago, a concert we won’t discuss here because, while Miss Taylor is talented for sure, her concerts are…weird. Really weird. So I’m sad I missed the hair thing. That was probably pretty cool.

Also about the Grammys: I think grilz are weird. And ugly. But tons of people had them, so apparently no one cares about my opinion.


Has anyone been watching The Bachelor? I have a couple of times. Unfortunately. Y’all, from the girl who faked her pregnancy (a surefire way to win the show) to the girl who walked out dragging a piano behind her (literally) to the girl who wore braids and danced barefoot for Juan what’s-his-name immediately after saying the first hello to him—these girls are crazy. Cray-Zay. And I wouldn’t marry any of them. But I guess there wouldn’t be a show if the bachelor dude threw up his hands and quit. So I guess he’ll find someone to propose to in the end, because they always do.

It was sixty-three degrees outside yesterday. So I went for three walks. Today the high is thirty-six. So I will not be going for walks. I’ll be going for sits on my sofa under a blanket.

And that is pretty much my plan for today. Just trying to do what I can to tone down this crazy life I’ve been living.

Happy Monday!

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