Regret, Fear, and Other Unpleasant Things

In May of last year, I made a decision.
An impulsive decision. A careless decision. A stupid decision.
So unlike me.
And now I’m stuck. Angst-filled. Mortified.

But sometimes we have to live with our decisions. Learn from them and glean from them and take away lessons to better ourselves in the future. To make sure we don’t make the same mistakes twice. To be able to grow and change, and in turn, offer wisdom and light to the next generation. As my great-grandfather—and countless grandfathers before him—used to say, “Sometimes you just have to make your bed…and lie in it.”

I wasn’t a fan of that phrase back then. I’m still not.

But fan or not, I’ve made a mistake. A horrible misstep in judgment. Something I can’t undo. I might be murdered if I tried.

Confession time.

I bought Justin Bieber tickets for Christmas. Tonight, I have to make good on that stupid, stupid gift.

Please pray for me.



(P.S. Someone once told me that best way to deal with adversity is to face your crisis head-on. With that in mind, don’t be surprised if you see me walking around in a Bieber t-shirt tomorrow.)

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