Silver Linings (after cloudy days)

I’ll admit, most of the little things I write are silly–my Facebook posts, my Twitter posts, notes to my kids designed to make them smile at school (or embarrass them, depending on my mood). But sometimes it’s just hard to find the humor. Take this week, for instance. The only word I can think of to describe it–really the only word even halfway appropriate–is a full-on crap-fest.

Not the best word, but whatever. It’s accurate.

In the span of one week, I’ve watched friends battle for the life of their child, felt helpless as they’ve faced obstacles no parent should have to go through. I’ve seen family members struggle with relationships, wondering if they’re going to make it. I’ve gotten frustrated, like when my husband’s standard three-day weekend at home (he works out of town the other four) got slashed to about 27 hours after he was called back to work. I’ve shared another friend’s disappointment when her husband’s team lost an important game. That may not seem like a lot in comparison, but it mattered to them. And consequently, to me.

The culmination of the less-than-wonderful week happened today. I woke up, cried buckets of tears watching television re-caps, and remembered with the rest of the country. It wasn’t the best day in history, as we all know. On the contrary, it’s one of the saddest.

But here’s the thing about sadness: it doesn’t last. Though strong and all-encompasing and oftentimes flattening, it eventually fades. If we let it. If we don’t hold too tightly to it. If we let God be God and realize that everything is in His hands. That there isn’t a problem He can’t fix, nor a situation he doesn’t care about…no matter how large, or how small.

The friends I first told you about? I’ve never seen anyone with a stonger faith than those two. I’ve never seen a child more loved , or a community so ready with an outpouring of encouragement.

My husband? He gets to come home early this week. For real. No calls back. There an upside.

My friend’s husband, the one with the game? He’s coming home, too. There’s another one.

And September eleventh? It’s also my nephew’s birthday. So after the sadness, we celebrated his life.

So if you can’t see through the gray clouds, look up. God’s in control, even if you aren’t. Next week is bound to get better. There’s certain to be a silver lining just around the corner. Hey, I can already see it from here.

Except it’s on my toes. My youngest daughter slapped silver polish all over them tonight.

And I let her do it, smiling the whole time.

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