That Time of Year…

I love November. The weather changes in November. Thoughts of snowfall begin to form in November. I was born in November—with each passing year, that is becoming less and less exciting because of my stupid stupid age. But then age is just a number, right? Even when it’s a large one. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Anyway, I love November. The landscape brightens in November. Family comes together in November. Thanksgiving happens in November. Not my favorite holiday; Christmas has my heart. But we have to wind our way through November to arrive at an appropriate time to put up the tree so…I love November.

I’m thankful for November. And in that spirit, I’m thankful for these:

  • For family who support me and love me despite my ever-present mood swings and freak-outs. For family who run errands and call to check on me and ask me to lunch and take me to Stephen King’s house three days in a row. For family who love me no matter what—who work hard and call and text and ask me a hundred times a day to make them food, check them out of school, find their lanyards, drive them to events, give them money, reach for high objects, rub their feet, scratch their backs (think children). On a normal day, these things drive me crazy. In the grand scheme of what will hopefully be a long life, the day will come when I’ll miss it and them. So for now, I’m grateful for the busyness.
  • For friends who love me and my wild emotions. Who check on me regularly to make sure I’m all right. Who take me to breakfast and join me for long walks and force me off my computer. Who send me jokes and memes just to make me laugh. Who text me songs because they know I’ll listen all week. Who argue with me and get angry at me and don’t let it affect anything. Who see past my social media posts to find real girl behind the smile. Who couldn’t care less about my image but who care exponentially about my heart. Who know that I prefer a watching a sunset over taking a selfie any night of the week. Who keep the conversation going even when miles and miles separate us. Who know it doesn’t take daily togetherness to make a relationship…that communication and caring and frequent “You doing okay’s?” do the job just as well.
  • For readers who buy books and start fan clubs and show up on Monday nights just to talk to me. Me. An idiot girl with an awkward personality who has a weird passion for writing that they seem to relate to. For readers who buy my books and get excited to win contests and request signed copies for Christmas gifts and tell other people about my stories.
  • For agents and editors and publishers who believe in me and give me nearly free reign to write what I want, then work tirelessly to make sure those books sell.
  • For bloggers and publicists who write reviews and send countless offers for interviews.

And finally…

  • For sweaters and yoga pants and non-slip socks. For dogs and cats who run toward me every time I open the door. For peppermint mochas and available shopping carts and Bath and Body Works Winter scented candle. For wrapping paper and scotch tape and Justin Bieber’s Christmas album. For neighborhood pot-lucks and impromptu dance parties and Christmas lights lit up everywhere. For pumpkin muffins and coffee shops and baristas who say “Want the usual?”

The list is long. I could keep going. But I won’t.

Just know that if you’re reading this—either as a family member or a friend or a reader or a co-worker—you’re on it.

And I’m thankful for you.

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