The Fog is Lifting

This time a year ago, life was rough for me. I won’t go into detail, but friendships had faded and some had gone away completely, family was strained in some areas, my job was ramping up and oftentimes felt overwhelming, and circumstances both in and out of my control were bombarding me in ways that felt like bullets being shot from an automatic weapon. Some I was able to dodge, others left me wounded and bleeding. And even though I jumped left and right and up and down, I kept getting hit. I kept getting hurt. The blood kept flowing. This time a year ago, I spent more time crying than laughing. I spent more time lying on my bed than walking in the sunshine. I spent more time writing…so much time writing…than I spent having conversations with humans outside my very small circle. But the writing kept me going, even though I often wondered how I was managing to create a book when my head, heart, and emotions were everywhere but inside my story.

But I created a book. I created two.

Both of which I like. Love, actually.

Because for both of them, I remember what it took to make it all the way to the end.

This time a year ago, things were a bit different than they are now. Life is still rough in some ways. Some friendships are still lost. Some friendships have been strengthened. Some areas of life are still strained. But even in that, there is goodness to be found. Because now I appreciate relationships more. I appreciate thoughtfulness more. I appreciate kindness more. I appreciate listening ears more. And above all, I appreciate those who sit by my side and offer consistent and present friendship more.

Friendship is everything. Contact is everything. Caring is everything. Kindness is everything. Consistency is everything, especially for those who desperately need it.

Why am I telling you this? Partly just because I feel like it. Mostly because in life, even the happiest people can struggle. Even the most positive people can find themselves stuck in negative situations. Even those who try so hard to see the bright side can find themselves trudging through the darkness. Even people who love the rain can sometimes get lost in the fog.

The fog is lifting.

It isn’t gone completely and may never be.

But I can see what’s directly in front of me again.

Today, I can finally see sunlight.

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