The Ol’ Switcheroo

You know how sometimes you go shopping (okay not me, I hate to shop–but for this scenario, let’s just pretend I like it) and buy the BEST pair of shoes and you’re just so happy that you finally found the perfect pair? And even though it took hours and hours and hours of searching and searching and searching various department store racks with your seriously annoying mall-loving mother (did I type that out loud? I love you, Mom!), you’ve finally, FINALLY found them. And you can’t wait to show them off. Can’t wait to wear them to the homecoming dance. Can’t wait to wear them on your date with Kellin Quinn (??). Can’t wait until the world can see you in your fabulous new platforms (again, not me).

But then stupid Sarah Shoemaker shows up in a better pair to church the next day. And hers are a better color. And hers are more expensive. And hers don’t make that little, tiny, hopefully barely noticeable squeak when she walks.

And suddenly you don’t like your shoes anymore. You want to return them. You want a refund. You wouldn’t be caught dead in those shoes, not in public. All because of stupid, spoiled, “How come she gets all the better stuff?” Sarah Shoemaker.

Some might say I had issues in high school. Whatever.

Anyway, you might be wondering if I have a point to this silly story. Well it just so happens, I do.

I got my book cover back for book 2 last week. It is fabulous. Awesome. And I can’t wait to show it to you in January.

But after I saw it, I opened my cover to The Wedding Game—which is, coincidently, book 1. It fell flat. Popped like an overinflated balloon. Paled in comparison to my new cover like a vampire pales against the normal human folk.

I used to love that cover. Sigh.

But since the two books are technically a series and ought to look at least a little bit alike, we scrapped the original cover and started over. Hope you like the new result.

The Wedding Game book by Amy Matayo

Hope you’ll also consider buying it. Launch day is Saturday.

Think I’ll scrap all my preparations and head to The Gap.


Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Carol Moncado

    Oooooo! I love this one too! I love both of them :D. And I can’t wait!

  2. Melissa Tagg

    I totally adored your old cover, but I have to say, I LOVE the new one too. And now I’m impatient to see the cover for the second one in the series. 🙂

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