The Time is Now

On this day last year, I attended the funeral of a young family member.

Today, there’s another going on as I type. But I’m not feeling well. So I’m home.

December is my favorite month of the year. The lights. The hope. The weather. The excitement. The gathering of friends who rarely see each other. But the last couple of Decembers have been rough on my loved ones. Very rough. There’s nothing like being faced with grief to make you reevaluate your life.

It’s short. I’ve already managed to outlive some. Maybe that will continue, or maybe I’ll be the next to go. That isn’t a morbid thought, just the reality of life and world we live in. But while I’m here…

The time is now. To dream. To hope. To believe. To work. To care. To teach. To encourage. To love. To speak positively to others. To stop being so self-involved. To make sure others know their worth…to know that I think they’re worth everything. To throw myself at life. To hope it catches me. To get up and dust myself off if it doesn’t. That way, when my life ends, I can say that I gave it everything I had. No regrets, no withholdings, no doubts, nothing left unsaid.

The time is now.

And in case you wondered, I think you’re worth everything.

The time is now.

So live and love and dream. And give it all you’ve got.

The time is now.

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