The Wedding Game Cover Reveal

Okay, so I know you stopped by to see my book cover, but first I want to talk about a few other things. Things like:

1.  Did everyone hear that 24 is coming back to Fox next summer? Last night I was just sitting there on my sofa, popping some bubble gum between my teeth and reading US Weekly when it hit me: Why have I not brought this up on my blog?? This news is huge! This news is epic (and I hate that word)! This news is the best news I’ve heard all month (and I’m combining May and June here), because I love this show! I cried when this show ended! I have 24-watching nights with my friends—and you know who you are. So friends, mark your calendars for some random night next May (sorry I can’t be more specific—not my fault). Be at my house or be a big, fat loser.

2.  Vampire Diaries. I’m hooked. Maybe I should be ashamed by this fact, and maybe I am, but whatever. Don’t judge me. This show is like a soap opera. Like One Live To Live meets Twilight, except with mean vampires. Violence abounds, plus lots of making out. What’s not to love?

3.  Leann Rimes. Just because I wanted to type her name. Because her weird love triangle simply hasn’t been talked about enough already. *tosses yet another magazine featuring Leann and her husband’s ex-wife with the obvious cheek implants (and other implants) in the trash*

4.  Books. I’ve read a ton lately, partly because I love to read, but mostly because it’s summer and I’m trying with everything I can to avoid writing. Even though I love writing. And all my avoidance has only garnered me a brand new plot that I’m gonna begin next Monday because for some reason no matter how much I try to avoid writing I just can’t. Plus, I have a book proposal due, and I hate writing book proposals. I’ve decided that I need to hire someone to do these for me—just the proposal slash marketing part—because I’m awful at it. I really think they’re unnecessary. Like, I ought to be able to sum up everything in two sentences, like this: “Hey, publishing people. Buy my book because it has lots of words in it and it’s cool and stuff.” See? Publishers should flock to my manuscript based on that description alone. Doesn’t anyone believe in taking chances anymore? Come on! Risks are what makes life fun!

5.  Books again. I’ve stalled long enough. So after a lot of back and forth, after much gnashing of teeth and crocodile tears and a couple of days and nights that might have involved sackcloth and ashes (do you KNOW how hard these are to find?!)—here it is:

The Wedding Game

I love it. I’m in love with it. I’m so happy with my publisher and my designer and everyone who took the time to make the cover look the way I’ve pictured since before I signed my contract. I hope y’all like it, too. And on February 1, 2014, I would be honored if you would read it!

Thanks for stopping by!

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(PS: There were no tears or gnashing teeth or ashes used in the choosing of this cover. It just sounded like a fun thing to type.)

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  1. V.V. Denman

    I love the cover! And can’t wait to read the book!

  2. Casey

    Squee! I LOVE wedding covers and this one is CUTE!!! I can see why you love it! And I can’t WAIT to read it!!!

  3. Erynn

    Love it! And you. And TVD–didn’t know you were part of the secret circle of shame.

  4. Can I pretend to be surprised? Wow! Look at that! J/K. Really, this is FABULOUS. So happy for you, friend! Now I can’t wait to get my autographed copy!!!

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